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 Important - Read before you apply!

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PostSubject: Important - Read before you apply!   Tue Dec 30, 2014 1:28 pm

We are EU PvE based guild focused on endgame content.

Any player that complies to what we require is welcome.

What we require (if you feel any of these is not you, don't bother applying):

1. a high level of skill
2. loyalty to the guild
3. the intention of playing WoW for a long time (longer than 6months)
4. dedication
5. be level 70
6. friendliness
7. the ability to share
8. the ability to communicate and give feedback
9. the ability to learn and adapt fast
10. high concentration level
11. a willingness to respec or change main char for the guild needs
12. being prepared for each and every raid without any exception (physically- with flasks, pots, food,... as well as mentally: seen boss fight movies, read the tactics, know whats your role and how the boss mechanics work,...)
13. high raid activity (we look for 65% approx as a bare minimum)
14. be 17+ years of age (or a bloody mature 16 years old)
15. Understand English and also English only in guildchat
16. the ability to be patient and calm
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Important - Read before you apply!
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