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Our guild was founded " for more friendly raiding environment ".

Annihilation has always been a force raiding scene. While the server and people have changed over time the tradition and core values remain the same. Our desire to be the best and our standards of excellence are unwavering. Currently Annihilation is stronger than ever and has a longstanding core of leaders and members. Our dedicated officers are always looking to improve the guild in new ways and take Annihilation to the next level. Every member of Annihilation loves the game, is active and on the cutting edge of competitive game play in their class.

One of our keys to success is building a fun, friendly community atmosphere that people enjoy . Annihilation has a lot to offer to potential applicants. The first is leadership. Our guild is run by a group of highly motivated, competitive, talented, smart, dedicated players who always go above and beyond for the guild and every member, they provide structure and stability which allows raiding to be fun, smooth and more importantly efficient. The second is player development. We dedicate a lot of time to our recruitment process and each applicant. We look for likeminded people with the most potential that are respectful, but can hold their own in a challenging environment. Annihilation has a core of outstanding and knowledgeable players who are not only looking to improve themselves, but the people around them. Many people join as above average players and take their game to the next level here with support and insight of current members. The third is fun, active community atmosphere. Meshing well with our guild is a must as an applicant, as that chemistry is invaluable during progression. Our guild has some great people that have a lot to offer. The friendships you develop here add a lot to your WoW raiding experience.

Annihilation is a place you can call home.
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